Here at Exmoor Hay and Straw Saul has had 16 years experience and has a lot of knowledge and understanding about the different types of Hay and Straw that he supplies to his customers, which has led to his success and the trust that he brings with all the services that he supplies. 
Exmoor Hay and Straw also supplies a variety of very competively priced Fencing stock including stakes,posts, struts, strainers and creosote fencing ....... across North Devon, throughout the UK and around Europe in bulk or small quantities. 

Delivered direct to your door 

As hay and straw specialists, Exmoor Hay & Straw are able to provide you with all of your needs for your livestock, poultry, horses and ponies.  
We operate a professional service across North Devon, the UK and Europe.  
We can deliver the products you need to your door in large, small or mixed quantities in Hay,Straw, Silage or Fencing products 
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Hay is a type of forage commonly fed to horses, cattle and other livestock. 
Hay is grown primarily for its nutritional value, and it is cut before the plant can start producing seeds that would lower its nutritional benefit.  
Hay provides high-quality fibre as well as other nutrients that animals need to stay healthy. See more info here >>>>> 


Straw is the stalk of the plant after the grain or seeds have been harvested. Straw is not grown for the sake of producing straw, it is the by-product of other types of farming.  
Plants that produce straw have already put a significant amount of their available nutrients into the grain or seed they produce; straw is the leftover stalks of the plants after harvest. Straw provides low-quality forage. See more info here >>>> 
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Straw Versus Hay 

Straw is not as nutritionally valuable as hay and is generally less expensive than hay. Hay is harvested while it is still a live, healthy plant. Straw is the dead stalks of plants after the valuable parts of the plants have been harvested.  
Hay provides a good nutritional value for animals who are going to be eating it, while straw provides little nutrition. 
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