Straw For sale 

Straw is the hollow stems of fully mature grains like wheat, oats and rice. While it may have a little grain left in it, it has little food value. It is, however, better at absorbing moisture, and is smoother and less picky than hay, so is better as bedding, always avoid using dusty straw. 
Oat straw and mixed grass /clover hay, both work just fine. Always store both in a dry location off the ground. 
Our Straw is For Straw is For Sale in the following sizes: 
Mini Hesston (80/90)  
Quadrant (120/70) 
1/2 Quadrant (70/80) 
3/4 Hesston (19/90) 
Hesston (120/30) 
Round Bales 

We have Straw For Sale throughout the Uk and Europe. 

Straw Bedding 

Straw is normally used for a bedding material, while hay is used as a feed supplement. Straw is dried out and works well for building nests and providing cushioning for animals to sleep in.  
It is not moist like hay and is unlikely to mould. Straw is also more practical to use as bedding than hay is, because of its lower cost. 
We source top quality Barley, Wheat and Oat straw which can be delivered in large square,round or small conventional bales. All bales are moisture tested. 
WE can also supply: Meadow and Seed hay, Large bales of haylage, Large bales silage and we also welcome Bulk Buy services. See here >>>>> 
For all enquiries call Saul on 07866504720 
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